Promise Day Wishes

The Promise Day, which is an exceptional occasion in Valentine’s Week, is observed every year on the 11th February. Promises are made to be broken, a saying goes. This is why keeping promises is so important! People who truly value you will find a way for them to keep their promises and remember what they said. These promise day messages, quotes, and wishes will help you make a special promise or show your appreciation for your partner’s faithfulness to their commitments.

Happy Promise Day Wishes

1. Love, till my last breath, you will be the only one for me, I promise! Happy Promise Day!

2. I am forever grateful to God for letting me have you in my life. I promise to value and honour you like this forever. Happy promise day.

3. Your smile is what I want to see every day and every season. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure this smile stays on. Happy promise day!

4. You’re the kind of husband that every woman dreams of. I feel blessed for having you as my life-partner. Happy promise day!

5. My heart belongs to you and it does not want anything else but you. I love you, my beautiful wife. Happy promise day to you!

6. Baby, Happy Promise Day! Thank you for always keeping even the littlest promises!

7. I have a heart full of love for you, eyes full of thirst for you, and a mind full of thoughts of you. I’ll never let you go from me. Happy promise day!

8. Our paths will never be different nor will it be divided. We will be together on every journey and at every destination. Happy promise day!

9. When I say I’ll be yours forever, it’s not a promise; it’s a fact. Wishing you a happy promise day my love!

10. I’ll always be there for you even if the whole world falls apart. It’s a promise I made right when I first met you. Happy promise day!

11. I’ll never find a reason for not loving you. That’s why I’ll never be brave enough to leave you. My love, happy promise day to you!

12. Promise me you will be with me forever and always! Happy Promise Day!

13. Happy Promise Day! You are the beginning of my joy and the end to my sorrows, love!

14. I promise to stick to your side through all ups and downs! Happy Promise Day!

15. Happy Promise Day, dear. All your problems are mine, and all my happiness are yours!

16. Every breath I take is a guarantee for you that I’ll love you as long as I’m alive. Don’t let any other thoughts bother you.

17. I promise to love you as long as there’s a tomorrow after every today. I’ll be there for you always and forever! Happy promise day!

18. Happy Promise Day! I will always find joy in whatever makes you happy; I promise you that!

19. Nothing in the world can make me stop loving you, I promise! Happy Promise Day, babe!

20. I want to be everything that you think of and you dream of. My promise today is that I’ll never let our paths be divided!

21. I promise to give you a life full of happiness and peace. I want to make you the happiest person in the world! Happy promise day!

22. We have a lot of dreams to fulfil together. I promise that I’ll do my part with the best I can do, always and forever.

23. I cannot be more thankful for what you’ve given me. You deserve to be loved no matter what you do. Wishing you a happy promise day!

24. Happy Promise Day to the guy with the best manners! Babe, you are someone worth fighting for, so I promise never to let go of your hands!

25. Baby, no one makes me smile as big as you do! Promise me that you’ll never stop being the reason for my happiness? Happy Promise Day to you!

26. You’re my lottery to happiness. Thank God I’ve won it. I promise to love you and take care of you as long as I’m alive!

27. No matter what, I will follow the rainbow to the end and cross all the oceans if you promise to remain in my life, darling. Sending all my sweet love.

28. I promise “we” will always be my priority and I will always stand up for you. I will forever be your support system, babe.

29. I promise to like most of your posts on social media, even the bad selfies. I love you more when you smile like an idiot, my idiot.

30. The love I have for you is one of a kind. It’s the kind of love that makes a man stay forever, no matter what goes wrong!