Happy Wedding Day Images

Weddings are a great moment in everyone’s life when one comes to cherish the time spent with friends and family. It is the most important day of someone’s life and people try to be perfect on that day. Wedding is not only a celebration but also a memorable event of that life which should be celebrated by everyone in his life.

 Here are some brilliantly written wedding wishes that will help you decide what to write. You can send them immediately or create a card for your loved ones. Send them a special message of congratulations and a prayer for a happy marriage.

Happy Wedding Day Images

1. Your marriage should be full of sweet memories filled with love and friendship. Congratulations!

2. God will guide you in your marriage life with love, compassion and purity. You both may find true happiness in the prayers.

3. Your special day will be filled with sweet memories you’ll treasure forever. We wish you both the best!

4. Congratulations on your marriage! You look great together! Enjoy a happy life together.

5. Your bond will grow stronger and more solid through the years. We wish you a happy wedding.

6. Your love for one another will only grow stronger over the next years. You have a bright future!

7. Marriage can be a comedy for one person, and a tragedy for the other. Let’s find out who the other person turns out to be. We wish you a happy wedding

8. We are so proud of you! Keep the love that you share for one another alive and never let it go. Accept my sincere wedding wishes!

9. All the happiness and joy in the world may you find, and may your days be full of the colors of love. Both of you deserve congratulations!

10. You have both vowed to share this new life together. God bless you!

11. It is a joy to see you find the love of your dreams. May it continue to bloom in all seasons!

12. Two beautiful hearts join together and promise to never let go of one another. My warm wishes for happiness, joy and prosperity throughout your lifetime are yours!

13. Let the joy in your eyes today last through all of the trials and tribulations of marriage. Best wishes for your new life.

14. You are more than two people in love. Today you are a whole family. You are a whole package of love and passion!

15. It’s a great feeling to finally find the person you have been searching for. Your marriage should be exciting and lasting! Both of you deserve congratulations!

16. Let the joy in your eyes last forever. This moment of joy may bring you more joy and love. All the best to you!

17. Your eyes speak volumes about your love. All my best wishes to you on this special occasion. You are very welcome!

18. God’s love will be with you until the end. We wish you many more reasons to love one another and to be thankful to God that you have each other.

19. May you both be faithful to one another as you have been to God. His mercy may always be with you.

20. We are so happy to see you celebrate this special occasion. You are truly unique. Congratulations on your special day!

21. As you begin a new chapter in your life, may all your dreams come true. May your struggle be over. All my best wishes.

22. We wish you both happiness and joy as you share your lives in the sacred bond of marriage. God bless you!

23. I pray that your marriage is filled with love, happiness, and support. You and your spouse deserve the best!

24. Your married life will be filled with the love that comes straight from heaven. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

25. I ask God to guide you both toward a happy and fulfilling life. Your love will only grow over the years. Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

26. Your love has shown the most beautiful example of unfailing and undying love to the rest of the world. We wish you both happiness in the years ahead!

27. The most beautiful relationship is that of husband and wife. It is the relationship that makes two people from different backgrounds into one person for a lifetime. We wish you all the best. We wish you a happy wedding

28. Be true to one another and keep faith in the miracles God has provided. Your life together will be filled with bliss.

29. For today and always, let the flowers of love bloom in you heart. Your life should be full of joy and laughter. We wish you a happy wedding