Happy 7th Anniversary

Today we are going to share with you some great anniversary wishes that you can use to express your love and devotion to your spouse, or maybe just one of you. Whether it’s your first anniversary, your silver, your ruby, or your diamond anniversary, these romantic anniversary wishes will be a pleasant addition to your personal collection.

If you are a wife, our collection of 7th wedding anniversary quotes for husbands are perfect to express your love. If you are a husband, you can take advantage of our 7th wedding anniversary wishes, too. If you plan to wish a friend a happy anniversary, all of these quotes will work for you, as well, albeit with a few tweaks.

1. Thank you for the happiest 7 years of my life. I will be forever grateful that I found you

2. 7 years in and we’re still going strong. Happy anniversary darling.

3. It feels like only yesterday that we first met, and yet 7 years later we’ve weathered the storms and are as solid as ever. I love you honey, happy anniversary.

4. We make a great team and have enjoyed a whirlwind few years. I can only wish the next be filled with as much laughter and joy as these. Happy 7th anniversary.

5. You are all I’ve ever needed and all I’ve ever wanted. Thank you for making the last 7 years feel like all my dreams came true.

6. Every problem we’ve overcome or bump in the road we’ve encountered has lead us to this point. We are perfect for each other and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life and many more ‘7 years’ with you. Happy anniversary.

7. Even now I feel my heart beat faster every time I lay my eyes on you. You are the sexiest, sweetest man a girl could hope to have spent 7 glorious years with.

8. Love is like some mysterious force that we can’t explain. All I can say is that it hit me like a tonne weight when I met you. And 7 magical years later that love is still the most intense, amazing emotion I’ve ever experienced. I love you my darling.

9. 7 years ago you stole my heart and I never want you to give it back. Happy anniversary

10. You are everything to me, and that won’t ever change. I’ve loved these 7 years just as I’ll love the years we have in the future.

11. I could write a million words here and still never get close to saying how I truly feel. All I can do is tell you I love you and wish you a happy 7th year anniversary.

12. When I found you, I found true love. Happy 7th anniversary.

13. There hasn’t been a single second if the last 7 years that I’ve regretted being with you. I am just amazed you put up with me! Thank you 7 incredible years of utter joy.

14. Happy 7th year anniversary. I will never let you down.

15. We have such a special relationship I can’t believe how lucky I got finding you. Here’s to another 7 years of just as much fun!

16. My own fairytale came true when I met you. It’s been 7 years of happiness Disney would be proud of!

17. We’ve been lucky enough to have seven wonderful years together and I want to celebrate every second of them with you. Happy anniversary.

18. Happy anniversary my incredible husband/wife. Seven years with you may be good but I want so many more.

19. Seven years of amazing times with you is just the start. Here’s to so many more.

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20. The seven years with you has been the most joyous of life and I hope I speak for both of us when I say – bring on even more!

21. Happy anniversary my incredible husband/wife. Seven years with you may be good but I want so many more.

22. We may be celebrating seven years as a couple but all I want is seven more, then another seven.. I just want a lifetime with you!

23. Even after seven years you’re still always on my mind. Love you!

24. I adore everything about you and have done so for every second of the past seven years. Happy anniversary my sweetness.

25. Happy seven year anniversary to the most special person in the world. Every day with you is a bedding I don’t deserve.