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Good Night My Love Gif

1. The more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other. Good Night sweet heart.

2. The more time we spend together, the more we fall in love with each other

3. Without you I am nothing, with you I am everything. Thank you to be my everything. Good Night my sweetheart.

4. You are the only girl in my life. The flower that will forever bloom here in my heart.

5.  I love your kind, thoughtful way. Love the joy that you bring to my life every day.

6. You’re an addiction I never want to get over. I hope to spend every single day of our life together, sleep well darling.

7. With a woman like you in my life, I really am the luckiest man in the world.

8.  You are the most beautiful thing that happened in my life. I couldn’t imagine a life without you by my side.

9. The love that you give to me gives me the strength to wake up each day and conquer it with a smile on my face. I love you!

10. Each night I end my day with a thought of you so that I can have sweet dreams at night. I can’t wait until tomorrow so that I can see you again.

11. Only you, you’re the one thing I’ll see forever. In my eyes, in my words, and in everything I do, your sight is the only sight that will ever bring me peace! Good Night Baby.

12. My day is never complete without thinking of you and saying good night. You are my world.

13. I fell in love with you because of all the small things you don’t even realize you’re doing. Good night sweetheart.

14. Someone one day told me about love, but I only understood its meaning when I met you my love.

15. You are the beauty of my heart, the only girl in my life. Sending my hug and kisses baby, Good Night.

16.  I promise to fulfil each wish of yours and stand by your side in every up and down of life. I promise to love you forever and more with each day.

17. With you, my life becomes complete, with you my days become bright. In your hands I would love to lay, not only this night but for the rest of my life! Good night baby.

18. I love the feeling and the butterflies I get when I see you smiling. I would love to smile for the rest of my life too

19. I love you just the way you are. Stay the same throughout life, sweet good night my baby.

20. Your arms are my heaven. I want to spend my whole life next to you, Good Night Baby.

21. Even the stars of the sky know how much I dream of you. Have a good night, my love!

22. May your dreams turn prettier than flowers and sweeter than honey! Good Night!

23. May you sleep peacefully, leaving all tensions behind, my love. Good night and sleep well.

24. I hope you have the best sleep that makes you energetic for tomorrow. Good night, honey.

25. It’s so hard being without you. I can’t wait for tomorrow to hug you tightly. Good night, dear.

26. Good night, baby. I wish I could be with you. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

27. You are the last thought on my mind every night; I hope I am on yours too when you drift off to your dreams. Good night honey!

28. All I wish from life is to be able to wake up next to you one day. Till then, my love will accompany you. Good night and sweet dreams my love!

29. I am always comforted by the warmth of your love; I hope my affection reaches your heart too. Have a good night, dear!

30. My love, if you get a bad dream tonight, just take a deep breath and take my name. I am always there with you. Good night!