18th Anniversary Quotes

In the first part of this series we’re going to show you how to make a personalised 18th Anniversary message for your loved one. We will then move on to show you how to send your special someone a personalised text status with wishes for the day they turn 18. We will also go over how to make a custom image of their 18th birthday to add to your status message.

1. Marriage is a special adventure in one’s life. You will cry. You will laugh. You will enjoy experimenting. Love will become real like the feeling; the bond. Happy 18th anniversary my friend.

2. We have come a long way, celebrating 18 years of being together, 18 years of ups and down; 18 years of enduring; 18 years of living. Another 18 years will be waiting for us, honey. Happy 18th anniversary. I love you.

3. I woke up with a beautiful smile recounting the years we’ve been through together. We are perfect together, my dear. No one deserves you better than I do. Happy 18th anniversary.

4.  I have slept every night under your care and love. You strong arms wrapped around me ensuring protection. My joy is it will continue. Happy 18th anniversary Olori mi.

5. You have never failed in every of your duty as a father, a husband, and a lover. Your love has kept this family together. I love you with all my heart and will make tonight memorable for you. Happy 18th anniversary my pride.

6. How can I begin to say thank you for being a friend indeed? You were there when I needed someone to talk to, to advice and support me. I know you are also a sweet mother and wife. Happy 18th anniversary.

7. My love is like the sky, bright and glowing as ever. I’ll make you the queen of my castle tonight. We will catch plenty of fun living together like the first day. Happy 18th anniversary obi m.

8. Looking at your cute and gentle face beside me reminds me of the day we first met. Our university days was youthful honey. And we will become that today. Happy 18th anniversary.

9. You have been a friend, a brother, my spare in lack. Happy anniversary my very good friend. I wish you a continuous happy married life. Happy 18th anniversary Segun. Cheers.

10. Wake up beautiful, you can’t be sleeping at this time. It’s our anniversary. Happy 18th anniversary darling.

11. Happy 18th anniversary sister. I am wishing you the best of the day and more years for more anniversary.

12. Let our bed be filled with roses today and petals of love. I want to lie in your arms all day no going out. Happy 18th anniversary baby.

13. Stay off work today. It is your anniversary. Work today and watch me fire you. Happy 18th anniversary dear. Enjoy today.

14. I love you and will always love you beautiful. Look at our kids, the houses and cars. They all came because of you. And you’ve been with me all through. I love you, honey. Happy 18th anniversary.

15. My source of joy, my pride; my honor. You have been with me since the start and will be with me to the finish line. I love your input in my life. God selected you well. Happy 18th anniversary dear.

16. You are the blessing that sums up every other blessings I have. You championed it. They came after you. Happy 18th anniversary my love.

17. Today I want to say I’ sorry for any day I ever hurt you, the times I was never around and you took good care of the children; to the lonely nights and your years of patience. I toast to a new phase, my dear. Happy 18th anniversary.

18. Take me deeper as far as you can take me, I want you every day and for another 18 more years. I love you. Happy 18th anniversary dear love.

19. I have fulfilled many achievements with your hand. Your words have reformed me. I pray you will be replicated in the children. I love you, dear. Happy 18th anniversary.

20. Living an enduring life is not an easy one. That is what one finds in marriage. I pray for fortitude and wisdom for the next phase. Happy 18th anniversary sister.

21. Wishing you a happy anniversary celebration today as you clock 50. What a perfect one sir. Happy 18th anniversary.

22.  May God continue to protect and honor your marriage sir even after this world. You are one of my inspiration and success, and I thank God for meeting you. Happy 18th anniversary.

23. When God created you he knew the perfect things to put right. I have watched you grow and blossom. Now you have bud. Cheers to better years bro. happy 18th anniversary.

24. I love you beyond description. I love you beyond words. I love you beyond power my fountain, my love, my pride. Happy 18th anniversary today.

25. You are most love amongst us. Your wisdom and mature ability in resolving conflict has and still overwhelms us. We love you and we say “happy 18th anniversary.”

26.  In what areas have I failed as a husband? In what areas have I lacked in my functions as a father? Today I pledge full loyalty my beloved wife on our 18th year of companion. Happy 18th anniversary.

27. With success comes pride and a sense of fulfillment. You should be feeling that now superwoman because you deserve it. Say hi to hubby for me. Happy 18th anniversary.

28. Sometimes I wish life could be smooth but it can’t. it will always be full of darkness and uncertainty. But God gave me you and you have lighted the path. I love you, my dear. Happy 18th anniversary.

29. Make me soar and fly like the birds of the air. We are going on a vacation today honey. Happy 18th anniversary.

30. Life is beautiful because of you. It has been beautiful because of you. I love you my dear and forever we will remain. Happy 18th anniversary.