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Islamic Sunday School

Islamic Sunday School


1100 Yale Boulevard S.E., Albuquerque N.M. 87106

(505) 256-1450

Madrasat Umar Al-Islamia was opened on February 1, 1987, the inauguration day of the new Islamic Center of New Mexico, 1100 Yale Blvd. S.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106.
This school has been founded on the fundamental belief that Islam is a complete way of life. It does not only tell us the purpose of our creation, final destiny, and place among other creatures, but also shows us the best way to conduct our private, social, political, economic, moral, and spiritual affairs of life. Thus the education of our children must comprise of these very components of our belief. However, since the time devoted to the Madrasat is very limited (two hours a week teaching), we will strive to achieve the following goals.
3.      GOALS

a.       Provide and atmosphere that is most conducive for an Islamic personality development.

b.      To instill in children a deep sense of belonging to Islam.

c.       Teach children fundamental beliefs and basic duties of Islam.

d.      Enable that our children practice and follow Islam correctly.

e.       Enable that our children perform the essential acts of worship (Ibadah).

f.       Teach the basic reading and writing skills in Arabic language leading toward reading the holy Qur’an correctly.

g.      Help our children in memorizing some Surahs from the Qur’an.

h.      Enable our children acquire basic knowledge and understanding of Islamic values, morals, manners and behaviors.


To achieve above goals the following steps will be taken:

  1. The best qualified available teachers will be sought for this job.
  2. The most suitable available texts and reference books will be chosen.
  3. The curriculum will be reviewed from time to time and improvements will be made with the help of recommendations of teachers and experts.

d.      Efforts will be made to complete the courses and accomplish the goals set in curriculum each school year.

e.       The student progress will be monitored.

f.       The overall performance of the school will also be constantly monitored and the high standards will be maintained.

g.      Extra- curricular activities like games, tours, functions or various occasions will be an

important part of the school program.

h.      Good habits like punctuality, cleanliness, hard work, and being nice to others will be


i.        Parent/Teacher communications will be established.



Based on the statement of philosophy, the major thrust of the curriculum of Madrasat Umar Al-Islamia will be upon the development and growth of Islamic personality instead of mere transmission of knowledge.

The original curriculum was developed by Dr. Abdul LatifChiragh in 1987. Recently we have consulted with ISNA’s Guide For Muslim Parents and Teachers for the Education of Muslim Children and Youth, GulamSarwar’s Syllabus and Guidelines for Islamic school’s curriculum our curriculum. A copy of the curriculum can be obtained from the school office. The curriculum is, however, in a constant process of improvement. We encourage everyone to give their opinion and input.

6.   RULES AND REGULATIONS (Behavior code for students)

Madrasat Umar Al-Islamia (Islamic Sunday School) is located within the Islamic Center of New Mexico, which also serves as our Mosque, the place for prayers. To allow every one to receive the maximum benefits from this school, it is necessary that all students respect the rights of others and follow the rules set forth as below:

a.       Students must consider the school building as a reverence and enter with a clean body

and clothes (girls must wear scarves and long dresses). No shorts for boys or girls.

b.      A student must be five years or older to enroll for any class. 


c.       Since school is once a week, regular attendance is a must.

d.      Students must pay due respects to their teachers and other adults.

e.       Student must ask for teacher permission to leave the class for any reasons.

f.       Every student has an obligation to keep the Center clean. The principal may assign duties.

g.       Food, beverages, and playing are not allowed on the carpeted area.

h.      Students will bring their own supplies – notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.

i.        Students are not allowed to enter the office and kitchen, or leave the building beyond the boundary.

j.        Students will pay for the textbook if it is required for any class.

k.      No loitering or abuse of this facility is allowed. Any one responsible fof any kind of damage will be required to pay for replacement or repair.



Welcome to Madrasat Umar Al-Islamia. No one but Allah SubanawaTaa’la will reward you for the noble services you will be rendering to the Madrasat. However, by making this commitment, you, in addition to your teaching assignment, have the following obligations:

a.       Arrive at school at least 15 minutes before class starts.

b.      Take the roll and turn in the names of the absentees to the Principal.

c.       Maintain discipline in the class.

d.      Contact the parents when needed for student’s behavior, progress, etc.

e.       Report any problems or concerns about students to the Principal.

f.       Be a good model for students in an Islamic way of life.

g.      Arrange for his/her own substitute in case of emergency. Call the Principal at least one night before if no substitute is found.

h.      Assist the Principal in maintaining discipline and other administrative duties.

i.        Cary out your commitment to the Madrasat at least to the end of the school year except under unavoidable circumstances.

j.        Be responsible and accountable for your job.


Madrasat Umar Al-Islamia is open on Sundays only from 9:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in winter and from 10:15 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in summer. There are two sessions of study with a half-hour break. During the first session, Arabic reading and writing classes are conducted and the second session is devoted to Islamic religious studies. The first fifteen minutes in the morning, before the start of the first session, the teachers arrange extra curricular activities.


      The minimum age for enrollment is FIVE years and there are no limits to the maximum.


      The Albuquerque Public Schools’ calendar is followed to start and end the school semester. 

      The summer activities of school are not necessarily the regular part of the school program.


      The teaching program shall be expanded when it is feasible through increasing the number of

      teaching hours and/or days.